Ted Lasso season 4, series spin-off hinted at by TV exec

Is Ted Lasso coming back? It’s the question so many viewers have asked.

Now, according to a new interview with a TV exec responsible for making the show, there’s fresh hope. Not only is Ted Lasso season four on the table, but there are chances of a spin-off too.

Ted Lasso Season 4 or spin-off: both are possible

Channing Dungey, chairman and CEO of Warner Bros Television Group, was interviewed Monday in a Deadline panel:

Dungey said that Apple would like more Ted Lasso, whether it’s a fourth season or a spinoff set in the Ted Lasso universe.

“We’ve had conversations about all of the above. I think Jason Sudeikis is open to the idea, but I think he wants to have the right idea, which I appreciate it. We at Warner Bros appreciate, Apple appreciates, because it’s the sort of thing where you don’t want to go do more, just for the sake of more, you want to go do more, because you actually have something to say, you have a story that you want to tell. We’ll see what happens,” she added.

Even though Ted Lasso is an ‘Apple TV+ Original,’ it was not actually produced by Apple, but rather Warner Bros Television Group. The show is a collaboration between the two companies, meaning Dungey is someone who would have a pulse on exactly what the latest status of Ted Lasso is.

Fresh hope for a bright future

Leading up to the end of season 3, general consensus was that the series would likely end there, in large part because of Jason Sudeikis’ creative decision.

Now, however, it sounds like the man behind Ted Lasso himself is freshly weighing options for the series future, whether that be a fourth season or a spin-off—or both.

Taken alongside the recent hint from series star Nick Mohammed, the prospects of more Ted Lasso are looking bright.

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