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Onesta Hair Care Thickening Conditioner, 16 Fl oz

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Size:16 Ounce

Product Description

Achieve Natural Volume and Fullness with Our Nourishing, Thickening Conditioner:
This restorative and revitalizing Thickening Conditioner is designed to quench dry, fine, or damaged hair. Derived with a plant-based Aloe Blend, our conditioner is infused with Neptune Algae and Sea Kelp that thickens hair cuticles with nutrient-rich proteins. It also has Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to ensure that any signs of damage is repaired, moisture is sealed, and hair is protected against coloring and hot styling tools.
RESTORE AND PROTECT: Featuring an effective formula that utilizes nutrient-rich Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, this thickening conditioner repairs damaged, heat and color-treated hair. Moisture will be locked into a nourishing, protective layer.
GENTLE, RESTORATIVE BOTANICALS: Onesta’s daily repairing conditioner for men and women is made with Aloe Juice infused and with Algae and Sea Kelp, which gently cleanses hair. Enjoy a healthy, beautiful mane when used with our Thickening Shampoo.
ADD FULLNESS TO THIN HAIR: Our powerful moisturizing conditioner is designed to add healthy volume to fine, limp and dull hair. Body-building proteins are delivered to strands to help thicken hair cuticles and restore shine and beauty to dry locks.
ORGANIC, NATURAL FORMULA: This hydrating conditioner is made with a plant-based aloe blend, featuring a self-preserving system with a natural black currant and orange scent. It has no parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, preservatives or dyes.
ONESTA MEANS HONESTY: At Onesta Hair Care, we are passionate about nature, wellness and beauty, which means our line of products are safe, professional, and cruelty-free. We promote naturally gorgeous hair with our naturally powerful products.
Product Details:
Thickening Conditioner
Scent: Currants and Oranges
Available in 16 fl. oz. or 32 fl. oz
Non-Slip Bottle with Cap Top
Cruelty-Free Certified

Brand Story

Onesta Means Honesty. It’s our name and our promise. We are a family passionae about nature, wellness, and beauty. We create naturally beautyiful hair using sustainable and safe ingredients.

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Onesta Hair Care Thickening Conditioner, 16 Fl oz
Onesta Hair Care Thickening Conditioner, 16 Fl oz


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