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Onesta Hair Care Moisturizing Conditioner, 16 Fl Oz

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Product Description

Deeply Moisturizing Conditioner to Restore and Revitalize All Hair Types:
This premium moisturizing conditioner from Onesta Hair Care utilizes nutrient-rich Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil with the addition of Organic Hemp Oil and Avocado Butter to repair damaged hair, provide a protective layer for strands, and lock-in moisture. All hair types will enjoy a smooth shine and softness, and hair that has been damaged or parched by coloring and heat products will have its natural moisture restored.
ULTRA-HYDRATING FORMULA: Our luxurious, rich conditioner is enhanced with Aloe Juice, Avocado Butter and Hemp Seed Oil to provide powerful antioxidants for hair repair. Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil provides a protective layer to seal in moisture.
PERFECT FOR DRY OR DAMAGED HAIR: As an all-purpose, plant-based conditioner, our hydrating treatment is perfect for all hair types – thick, fine, long, short, curly or straight. It can even help strengthen color-treated or heat-treated hairstyles.
REPLENISH, REPAIR, REVITALIZE: This easy-to-use, thirst-quenching treatment can be used daily to restore hair to its natural softness, gleen, and shine. Combined with Onesta Moisturizing Shampoo, it powerfully creates healthy, beautiful locks.
ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our natural hair conditioner is made with aloe and coconut oil, with the pleasant fragrance of currants and oranges. It is free from parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, preservatives, dyes, propylene glycol, and gluten.
ONESTA MEANS HONESTY: Onesta Hair Care is passionate about nature, wellness and beauty – and that passion extends to our products. With our high-end, cruelty-free, rich conditioner, you’ll enjoy a sustainable, safe, and effective hair treatment.
Product Details:
(1) Moisturizing Conditioner
Scent: Currant and Orange
Available in 16 fl. oz or 32 fl. oz.
Cap Top
Cruelty-Free Certified

Brand Story

Onesta Means Honesty. It’s our name and our promise. We are a family passionae about nature, wellness, and beauty. We create naturally beautyiful hair using sustainable and safe ingredients.

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Onesta Hair Care Moisturizing Conditioner, 16 Fl Oz
Onesta Hair Care Moisturizing Conditioner, 16 Fl Oz


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