BestSelf Legacy Deck – Unique Deck with 50 Engaging Conversation Cards to Share Between Kids, Parents, and Older Generations – Fun Conversation Cards for Families.


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Build rituals, reflections, and relationship-building into your routine.

The process of becoming your best self is always changing, because you’re always changing. We designed our offerings to grow along with you—across the key areas of your life.

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Best Self Origin Story

I have ADHD, so it’s hard for me to keep focused and on track. While looking for tools to help me stick to my goals, I came up empty and decided to create them myself. I used Kickstarter to fund it, and it resonated so deeply that we crushed our fundraising goals. So, really, it was people like you who started this brand. People who just needed a little hand building healthy habits.

— Cathryn Lavery, Founder at BestSelf


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Create new opportunities to connect -and have fun doing it

CONVERSATION STARTERS FOR KIDS AND FAMILIES: These legacy conversation cards are the perfect tool for starting meaningful conversations between children and grandparents in your family to bond and build strong relationships. Make meaningful conversations a breeze with these conversation starters for kids. Perfect for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and anyone looking to develop deeper relationships with their families.
SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING AND SHARING: Encourage better communication and inspire sharing among grandparents, teens, and kids starting at the dinner table, at family reunions and holiday get-togethers, or during family game nights with these table topics. Using these conversation cards for kids is a great way to help with communication and improve social skills in a fun and engaging way.
SOCIAL SKILLS ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS AND FAMILIES: Get to know your extended family better with 50 card prompts that uncover family stories, values, and beliefs. Build meaningful family relationships to help you feel connected beyond small talk and bring out stories that can be passed on for generations. These conversation cards are great social skills activities for kids and families to improve communication, empathy, and collaboration.
CONVERSATION CARDS FOR KIDS: With 50 conversation starters for kids, the legacy conversation cards are designed to uncover family stories, values, and beliefs, and help you connect beyond small talk. These conversation cards offer endless opportunities for children and families to open up, practice social skills, and build self-confidence.
SOCIAL SKILLS AT THE CORE: At the core of these conversation cards lies the importance of social skills, fostering meaningful connections and strengthening communication skills for children of all ages. These social skills activities for kids are perfect for building strong relationships between generations, encouraging better communication, and inspiring sharing among grandparents, teens, and children.


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