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Pregnancy? It’s Time to Stop Smoking

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For you, smokers addicted or casual, pregnancy is the best time to stop smoking. Why ? To begin, for sake of your child and yours. But mostly because your hormones can make it easier for you during this very special time to get rid of this bad habit.

risks of tobacco

Today, the risks of tobacco are known to all. Between information campaigns of Ministry of Health and warnings on packets of cigarettes, we can say that message is passed. Yet, female smoking has not stopped increasing. From 1974 to 2003, regular smokers increased from 10% to 26%. If  success of cigarette with fair sex does not fade, lung cancer could become within 20 years first female cancer, in front of breast cancer.

You know all consequences of this tobacco addiction. Cardio-vascular risks, respiratory disorders or diseases, cancers, etc. All these dangers are added to smoking women’s other significant risks: decreased fertility, extra-uterine pregnancy or increased risk of miscarriage.

Pregnancy and tobacco do not mix

For a pregnant woman, the consequences of smoking, even passive, are considerable, especially for newborn. These may be premature deliveries, baby’s weight may be insufficient or his development delayed. On average, an infant whose mother smokes weighs nearly 300 g less than another whose mother is non-smoking.

There is also and especially risk of complication in childbirth and  danger of generating respiratory problems in your child.

nicotine that makes you addicted

Nicotine is  main cause of addiction to “blondes”. It is she who creates sensation of pleasure but especially that of lack when stopping smoking. This is why in most cases, desire to quit is lost to this uncontrollable need for nicotine.

But pregnancy justifying cessation of smoking, it is imperative to be supervised and assisted by your gynecologist and your doctor.

How to get tobacco

Do not hesitate to get help from your doctor or a tobacco specialist. In some maternities, trained midwives in tobacco can also help you quit.

With an analysis of your dependence and the dosage of urinary nicotine, they can find which nicotine replacement will be best for you. These make it possible to slowly get rid of this bad habit while reducing toxicity related to tobacco.

Enjoy happy expectation of a child to put a definitive trait on cigarette. First of all, thanks to  morning sickness of first months (at least a positive aspect of this common ailment of pregnancy), it is very likely that you will not want to grill one after morning coffee. Enjoy this truce to take a good resolution and get used to it. In addition, at  time of pregnancy, you secrete sex hormones, called estrogen, which have an antidepressant effect. All more reason to seize the opportunity and win.

For information, contrary to popular belief, weight gain after smoking cessation is not more consistent in pregnant women.

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