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Pregnancy Body Massage – Health And Fitness

Pregnancy Body
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Pregnancy body is a time in life when your body changes , physical discomfort and discomfort can occur. This period can bring with it a lot of questions and emotions in future mother. Massage therapy can be a way to relax and relieve these ailments for a good pregnancy.

The benefits

Relax and take care of yourself
relaxing massage has multiple beneficial effects on pregnant woman, whether or not she has pregnancy discomfort. overall relaxation provided by massage promotes sleep and recovery, thus removing fatigue that can be felt, especially in the first and third trimesters of pregnancy. In addition to this boost of energy, pregnant woman can feel a relief from her stress and anxiety, which helps her to approach her pregnancy and childbirth with more serenity.

Being massaged can be a special moment for pregnant woman to make contact with her body and think of her, a good way to feel good about her body and to tame the physical changes due to pregnancy.

Reduce discomfort

Pregnancy Body brings about changes in posture of pregnant woman that can cause tension and muscle stiffness. In addition to joint relaxation caused by relaxin, a hormone secreted during pregnancy, these changes may cause or accentuate pain requiring further care. Know that, no matter stage of pregnancy, the massage therapist can relieve muscular tensions and make mobilizations of physiotherapy with the purpose of relieving these evils.

Similarly, as the pregnancy Body progresses, baby occupies more and more space in mother’s womb, which compresses her diaphragm and hampers her breathing. massage stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, which promotes oxygenation of cells and tissues, in addition to relieving certain other pregnancy disorders such as nausea, gastric reflux and constipation.


There are contraindications to massage depending on health status of the pregnant woman: history of miscarriage, pregnancy at risk, diabetes, hypertension, preeclampsia, etc. It is essential in these situations to obtain advice of doctor or midwife who does follow-up before making an appointment in massage therapy.

However, a woman who has a normal pregnancy can be massaged at any time, even in the first trimester. The best thing for her is to call on a therapist who has taken a pregnancy massage course at a recognized educational institution. This person knows the precautions to take, will perform the right actions and propose right positions to ensure comfort of the client.

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