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Do you want muscles?

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I survive at practises in different centers for fitness and anywhere here much time, the most frequent questions are staying equal. Majority wants only large biceps, a caloric chest, visibly firm abdominal muscles and of course obligatorily wide shoulders and a back. Both beginners and those, that have already a several practise behind themselves, ask me. Majority doesn’t hear most important part of my answer, he gives without large intensity (not urgently also more heavily and perfect intentnesses at execution of every exercise not be of never desired results.) Intensity You can expect optimal results only, if you train at given weight, as you muscle completely don’t exhaust. Nobody wishes most probably to achieve that point of pain, however this is vital. Rest enough among practises and muscles will grow. Who is caused to do this, that a practise he shocks muscles again and again at, he will achieve this soon, which do others only daydream about. Practise Everybody for himself knows best, which muscle groups are at least developed. You can choose for individual muscles among practises. I am recommending the practise of chosen muscle group to beginners twice per week, more seasoned obligatorily three times on week. If you will be educating the same muscle three times per week, let the second practise be intense a bit more a little, that not will pretrenirali. Not forget self good warmed up of muscles, that them to intend to to educate. Still some information: • let beginners be resting among series 90- 120 seconds, good educated mostly minute. • Superserija is the realisation of two exercises in couple, one of her for other without a rest. • third series is similar to superseriji; we carry out three exercises, other for other. Chest • exercise 1: boost with the chest • Exercise 2: little butterfly on a device • Exercise 3: little butterfly on a straight bench • Exercise 4: boost with the chest on an oblique bench • exercise 5: kneeling Biceps • exercise 1: flexion of elbow with the stick -stoje • Exercise 2: flexion of elbow with dumbbells -stoje • Exercise 3: flexion of elbow with nadprijemom (a crafty stick) -stoje • Exercise 4: flexion of elbow on an oblique bench (with turning of dumbbells) • exercise 5: concentrated flexion.


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