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Foods Rich in Iodine


Constipation, overweight, fatigue, depression can be linked to iodine deficiency, sign of thyroid disorders. Eggs, oysters, cod … Some foods are richer in iodine than others, but which ones?

Iodine is a mineral essential to growth and proper functioning of body. An adult must have a daily intake of 200 to 300μg of iodine a day. This input comes mainly from food. Thus, it is essential to consume foods that contain enough iodine to cover daily needs.

Iodine is found in sea salt, but it quickly loses the iodine it contains because of its high volatility. It is found in marine algae, sea fish (fresh cod, sardines, mackerel …), smoked herring and cod liver oil or crustaceans, oysters and shellfish. It is also present in plants such as soybeans or green beans. Finally, it can also be found in dairy products, eggs and meat.

Seaweed, seafood and fish are the richest iodine foods globally. Consume mussels, oysters, haddock, etc., thus allows to bring a significant amount of this trace element. Dairy products and eggs are also a favorite food item. As for mineral water, it also has an iodine content, which however differs according to the soil.

While food may be sufficient to cover daily iodine requirements, some people, including pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding, may be deficient.

The deficiency results in hypothyroidism, that is to say by a slowing down of thyroid function. Symptoms include fatigue, memory loss, constipation and dry skin. Weight gain, brittle nails and hair loss are also commonly seen. So to bring enough of this mineral to the body and avoid being deficient, it is useful to know foods with high iodine content.

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